@GovGregoire disappoints: a reply to The Everett Herals

This across the board budget cuts special session reflects serious leadership failure on the part of Chris Gregoire. Offering extra pay to WSP and charging the state more to blame first amendment practitioners scapegoats the people instead of challenging entrenched corporate interests in Olympia. WA state could have a surplus with progressive taxation (including estate) and tax loophole closure of those who make over $400K. There is simply no excuse for the governor's poor politics. Is she still looking for some cushy federal appointment? Gregoire has been a good public servant in many respects, but she fails when leadership counts most.

response to Everett Herald

Here's a link to the League of Education Voters budget calculator the way I would balance the budget. I sent this to my legislators, including Reuven Carlyle who has promised to fight the across the board cuts version of this session and has a plan to cut loopholes, such as Amazon which is a target of uncut (pays no sales tax in WA state, despite HQ here). Note I cut criminal justice and aid to municipalities (which blame Seattle for everything). It's a radical version but needs creativitiy. Cutting education and social services funding is neither creative nor fair. This calculator had nothing about restoring arts cuts, which I view as vital. Creative skills and imagination are what we need in times of challenge.


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