Grace Petrie album review

From the Morning Star

Tell Me A Story by Grace Petrie (
Having played alongside Billy Bragg at Glastonbury last year, Grace Petrie’s career is moving on up. On Tell Me A Story, her astonishing third album, the 24-year old singer-songwriter deftly bookends a set of vulnerable love songs with two post-election protest anthems.
The Bragg comparisons are inevitable, although Petrie’s crystal clear and often soaring vocals mean her songs are far easier on the ear. And has Bragg ever written anything as sadly beautiful as Baby Blue with its heartbreaking lament “Oh my lover is in the arms of another tonight”?
An angry, caustic indictment of the Coalition Government’s cuts agenda, closer Farewell to Welfare name checks Section 28, Theresa May, Harvey Milk and the “millionaire in Downing Street”. Even “Honest Nick”, her local MP and Deputy Prime Minister, who “made a deal with the devil” at “the first glimpse of power”, gets a mention.
A protest star is born.


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