Greetings from Cairo, Long Live the French

Greetings from Cairo!

We arrived finally, 12 hours late.  Our flight from New York was delayed, but fortunately there were 27 of us trying to go to Cairo and we were able to negotiate together to get everyone on a flight (nothing like traveling in a cadre of organizers).  Solidarity and a good attitude were running high in spite of delayed airplanes and luggage.  We met several interesting people from all over the US, including a small private contractor from Manhattan who is involved with a politcal art group.

We spent the night (3-7am) on the floor of a hotel room here.  It’s amazing to be in Cairo, as a place is never quite real until you have seen it with your eyes and this promises to be an exciting way to see it.

Upon arriving to the hotel, finally, at 2 a.m. we were informed that 300 French people were camped outside of the French embassy in Cairo, pressuring France to pressure Egypt to allow the march in and to stop maintaining the siege.

Already, 38 protesters have been detained by Egypt en route to the Gaza border.  I will keep you all posted as I learn more.

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