Greetings From Outer Zspace!

Hello, my Zspace page looked really empty, so I’m going to place this one post down, just to get it started.  I’ve been reading Znet for years now, about the time of the 2001 terrorist attack on NY and the Pentagon, plus the one plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, after I’d seen my older brother browsing some of the Znet content.  Only recently have I made the commitment to sustain Znet, as I’d be sorely lacking in information without it.  I love what the admin has done with the site!  That was also a contributing factor in my deciding to be a sustainer. 

So here I am, ready to participate in the Zcom.  I have many things I’d like to discuss and learn about, but that will all come in time.  For now I just want to flesh out my page, and see what else I can tinker around with.  Thanks!

PS: I chose popculture: humour/satire, as I wasn’t sure how else to categorise my post.  Sorry if you were expecting to laugh, but please do, if you find it funny.

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