Hail King Prick!

Hail King Prick!

The vain glorious dick has been elected King Prick.

A mourning of victory for all the worlds pricks!

Hide your son from the colours,

go lock up all your daughter’s ships.

For hear a World full of slaughter happily skips.

Calamity of blind rages,

has spoke a joke for all our ages.

We will fight the Right

               for the Right,


Be awoken lips for better or keep getting worse,

this long cars rolling backward blackbird


its a great big bloody hearse!

Thru’ the eye of a needle

its good morning evil,


cuz, that criminal rich racist New York Honky,

has just become King Mc Donald Donkey!


(On waking up this morning 9th November 2016)

‘A Kiss in Time’ by Antonio Carty

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