Help The NewStandard in its emergency fundraising campaign

Many ZNet and Z Magazine readers are familiar with The NewStandard, the excellent progressive-minded online journalism website, built on the model of participatory economics, funded without advertising or nonprofit grants, operating on a very frugal but effective budget. For me personally, one TNS story will always resonate with me: Here in Chicago, TNS helped break the story of how our fair city turned down an offer for discounted fuel for public transit from the Venezuelan government for what amounted to political reasons. The NewStandard is currently in a do-or-die fundraising drive. And it’s not just an exaggerated cliche. If TNS does not get another (as of this posting) US$3,431 in monthly donations in the next 14 days, The NewStandard will be forced to shut down. People complain — quite rightly — about all the problems in the world and in the U.S., particularly made worse by a stupid, crass, and obsequient corporate and commercial media. Well, TNS journalists and workers have shucking the trend and have been making a difference — in the media realm, and in people’s lives, but TNS the difference-maker may disappear in two weeks. Here’s something tangible right now that ZNet readers can do to improve the situation: Make a monthly donation to The NewStandard, or if you already are a donor, consider increasing your donation.

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