“Honey, how was school today?”

Teacher= tall, lanky, white, privileged, bearded male.
Kids= 99% youth of color, slouching in their vandalized desks that our lovely school provides us.

Teacher- Do you guys remember that BU student that came to speak before? He was talking about how he had an awesome job before he graduated. He was working at General Motors. Was he the designer or the cars, or the oil changer?

Students- Designer, designer!

Teacher- That's right! And who do you thin is making more money, the designers, or the oil changers???!!!!

Students- The desginers! The designers!

Teacher- Exactly!

……Propoganda lesson of the day? Check!

"It doesn't matter how fucked up the system is, just make sure you're the one to make it to the top."
 (What the teachers should say instead of wasting our time with long drawn out back and forth bribing dialogue.)

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