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Here is the text from my new photo album:  “How to Organize.”

(Technical note:  I still haven’t found a way to arrange the photos in this order, without reloading them in reverse order.)

1. Great message.  But does it effectively get to “the person with the power to decide?

2. Media, but who has power to decide?

3. Prepare.  Focus on HIS  decision, HIS interests, alternatives, perspectives.

4. Planning!

5. Where to start a sign on letter

6. Simple “yesable” (Roger Fisher) demands, names only.  He gets access to our members on our terms. His spin comes back through our leaders.

7. See Shel Trapp, Basics of organizing:  “Public Meeting” on an “issue.”

8. A victory step puts senior staff on our hot seat:  held accountable. We then win a follow up commitment.

9.We run our meeting on our terms.

10. Coalition leaders up front: a reward for joining our coalition.

11. Public comments reinforce the leadership team.  You couldn’t do this at a meetings set up by Senatorial staff!

12. “I and mine do not convince by arguments:  we convince by our presence.” Walt Whitman

13. Public comments to Senator’s senior staff, not to passing cars. People will show up, build your group!

14. Media want to be there too!

15. They come to our turf.  Notice the back ground for media shots!

16. Media interview our leaders, call back later with more questions.

17. Media will then go to the Senator with questions.

18.  A victory step: the Senator meets some of our “yesable” demands by our deadl
19. Celebrate victory steps. Build an institution based upon effective skills.

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