How To Use Words and Actions As Your Weapon

A kind and constructive message to all the men and women who I often read/hear shaping their words and actions in ways that appeals to leaders to make good decisions:

Your words and actions are your weapons; you should be using them responsibly and efficiently.

I urge you to not waste your ammo in ways that reinforces their illegitimate authority while simultaneously undermining the legitimacy of yours.

Don’t ask or demand them for anything.

They do not, will not, and are not listening to you.

In fact, their authority was built and structured so as not to hear you – top-down authority has never been created to be accountable to the poor souls at the bottom.

I cannot say it anymore eloquently and clearly than: "Fuck them!"

Build your own confidence and that of others by encouraging ourselves to think and act for ourselves.

We can and must transform ourselves from obedient, passive creatures to confident, cooperative and empowered ones.

It’s not a matter of becoming free because we are already free.

It’s a matter of utilizing our freedom, or not.

To be free is not to be ruled (no matter how altruistic it may be) or to negate the freedoms of others – to be free is to manage our own lives in accordance with others to the degree that we are affected by the decisions being made.

If we see oppression or injustice we shouldn’t ask others to do something about it.

We should do something about it.

Choose your words and actions carefully.

Shape them in ways that organizes and empowers us to manage our own lives.

From below until there is no above,

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