Humanity is Never Satisfied

People that are fair skin wish they had a tan.
Some people of color bleach their skin.
Some people hate their jobs.
Others are employed and wished they had one.
Some complain because they are single.
Others because they are married.
Some wish they had children;
others kids drive them to madness.
Its so cold outside (even though its winter)
Summer comes; "Its so damm hot outside"
Skinny girls wish they had curves;
Full bodied women go on torturous diets.
Women with straight hair get a perm.
While women with curly hair get it relaxed.
Most Rich people despise the poor;
but yet love what little money we have.
Most poor hate the rich;
but want what they have.
People hate being broke;
but will never save money.
Will complain about all their bills
but are the ones that made them
and will continue to make more
spending the money they do not have.
They always call God's name
but are terrified of going to heaven.
I can just go on and on but the point has been made

People will never be satisfied.

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