If Sanders forms a real Alliance with Warren, their Popular Policies Can Win

Conventional wisdom is that a presidential candidate should pick an opposite or contrasting vice presidential running mate, to create a perception of a balanced ticket. But this is not a conventional time or race, Bernie is offering a clear and practical progressive choice to fix the USA. So his running mate needs to be a person who can also inspire voter support for that better choice.

Elizabeth Warren if she accepted, would be a brilliant and most credible vice president, whom her supporters can continue to see become a big part of the next possible government, by now voting instead for Bernie Sanders. Their policies have much more in common than separate. Looking at the recent Super Tuesday voting results, with Warren’s supporters all in behind him, Bernie would have won many of the recent primaries, and together with her going forward, their policies can win the democratic nomination.

Democratic party establishment since the 2016 democratic presidential nomination race have obviously known, though never admitted, that Bernie Sanders is running in support of the main policies people in USA actually support and need. They know that in the 2016 democratic presidential nomination race, where they where exposed to clearly favor Hillary Clinton, the race turned out to be more competitive than they expected and even with the use of their undemocratic super delegates, they barely secured the victory of Clinton over Sander’s in wining the democratic nomination.

So this time around in 2020 they have been carefully preparing their fix to the problem of popular Bernie. First, they encouraged many candidates to run, even though most didn’t have a chance, some where real and good, but others have been part of a strategy of multiple options to drown out and diffuse Bernie’s continued support, but he is irrepressible because he simply is the candidate with the practical solutions for what the majority of people want and need. We’ve just seen in the days running up to the first Super Tuesday, a result of that strategy, when the failed straw candidates effected a dramatic drop out giving a big 11th hour pledge of support to Biden. Trying to create an effective surge of support for their corporate propaganda wing to hype up and once again proclaim an inevitability to Biden’s victory in the nomination. Its not clear if the actual supporters of these ex candidates do all in fact support Biden, of course, but who’s asking.

Now Bloomberg, he knew he never had a chance to win, so his purpose perhaps has been to mop up a percentage of the undecided voters interest for a while, with his big money light show, these undecided voters are who the democratic establishment fear, could easily give their undecided votes for a popular policy candidate, which they’ve known since 2016 is Bernie Sanders. So now we see Bloomberg has given his supporters to Biden, though of course its entirely unclear what his recent dizzy supporters actually will support, asking them what they supported in his expensive whirlwind, would be like asking people with hangovers to remember what was the speech at a super rich guys free house party.

So all the careful strategy’s of the corporate democratic establishment have led now to this, an attempted diffusion of Sander’s support with a multitude of candidates and voices in the ring, who then drop out, trumpeting a reportable perception of support all flowing early in the primary nomination race to Biden, when in fact the policies people in majority have said they want and need are been consistently offered by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The democratic party establishment’s corporate news propaganda can try repeating this Surge for Biden story, to bully people into voting against their interests. But, ‘don’t believe the hype‘.

If Bernie and Elizabeth, the USA’s two most popular policy candidates, team up in a real partnership to support Sander’s successful presidential nomination, then the consistent polling that people support their policies, will at last have a clear choice to vote for those policy’s to be their next US government. Trump’s fake promises to poor and middle income citizens and the democratic establishment’s refusal to back progressive policies as the real alternative to him, have lead to the most ridiculous and disgracefully biased corporate news propaganda ever, going to insane heights of mind bending nonsense, to try and maintain that their respective corporate Emperors have wonderful clothes and policies and will surely win the election, when the majority of struggling US citizen’s are crying out, waiting for an honest unconfused child, to please shout out boldly over all this noisy news network hype offering hopeless bad and badder choices for emperor ‘He’s got no clothes!!

‘Johnson, the Emperor’ by Peter Brookes

The Democratic Party establishment would sooner lose the election, than have Bernie be the one to win it, because they would then lose the control they have had over the party. Sanders and Warren are the only candidates worth voting for in the real necesities they offer and that’s why they should form some form of real connection to combine their support and beat Trump in the actual election. At least 45% of US citizens haven’t been voting in elections because they see no point. Bernie has risen the vote significantly in many states, doing that in the election by even a couple percent of the electorate would mean a landside. I’m hoping Bernie with Elizabeth Warren as running mate (or some link up like that, that brings her and her supporters all in,) can win the democratic nomination, because if they don’t believe in backing the good progressive rebellion thats necesary and inspires, voting will be down and trump will hold a victory in the low turnout’s despair.

Corporate networks doing their best to create this reportable perception of a Biden surge back, but his fall in numbers was exaggerated. Fact Bernie nearly beat him in Texas is significant in surge for Bernie in Latino voters. Bernie won California. The big states are mostly still ahead to vote, where Sanders with the diverse progresive Movements suporting him can inspire bigger numbers of people to believe if they come out and vote for this movement, the popular policies they want and need can be realised and will win it.

We all need it.

I tell anyone I can, for fair best quality and comprehensive reporting and analysis on this vital election, don’t consume the hopeless corporate propaganda news, listen to the real mainstream in actual US journalism, alive and well, at Democracy Now! (as well as Z Net, Truth Out, Intercept, Roots Action and the many others!!)


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