Il Parabrezza (The Windshield) Post 1

I am a truck driver.
I drive an 18 wheeler;  I cover large portions of the US on my runs.  I am often away for days at a time.  When I’m away, I live aboard my truck.  My quarters are about the size of a half bath.
This blog is to be about my experiences aboard the truck.  I have read about Parecon. I think it is a something that I would like to see happen.
That will not be easy.  The descriptions I’ve read of Parecon include assumptions that do not always apply to a truck driver.  Parecon is a collaborative notion.  Truck driving is solitary.

Much of what I write here will be miscellany.  Postings may be infrequent.  My first purpose is to collect information about my work in one spot.  I hope this process leads to insight.
We’ll see.
I’m going to call this blog, "Il Parabrezza".  This is for two reasons. The first is that ‘para’ and ‘pare’ (as in Parecon) sound alike.  The second is that ‘parabrezza’ means windshield (in Italian) and it’s through a windshield that I see most of what I see.

Thanks for reading this.

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