I’m Debating (On) Obama

I will debate a liberal (and fellow Paradigm Publishers) author on the Obama phenomenon/presidency….Come on down if you are in or around Chicago. My opponent is a former student of Obama’s at the University of Chicago Law School. Here’s the info: 

The Obama Debate: Is President Obama a Progressive?
August 27, Thursday, 6:45 pm

Television Broadcast Taping: this event will be recorded for broadcast on CAN-TV, Chicago Cable Access Television

Open University Of The Left
Lincoln Park Library
1150 W Fullerton

So far, the President has made numerous choices relative to military conflicts and foreign policy, the economy and unemployment, and health care and social services. From Left to Right, where does the Obama Administration fall?

Open University presents a debate between two prominent writers, and welcomes audience members to join this critical discussion.

Paul Street is the author of Barack Obama and the Future of Politics (Paradigm Press, 2008), among others. Paul was a civil rights researcher and advocate on the south side of Chicago (2000–2005), and served as a campaign activist in Iowa during the Iowa primary (caucus) season of 2007–2008. He was Director of Research and Vice President for Research and Planning at the Chicago Urban League from 2000 to 2005.

John K. Wilson is the author of President Barack Obama: A More Perfect Union, (Paradigm Press, 2009), among others. He is the founder of obamapolitics. com and collegefreedom. org and editor of Illinois Academe, the newspaper of the Illinois AAUP.


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