IMpunity from Hiroshima to NSDU-238 continuing

IMpunity from Hiroshima to NSDU-238 continuing                                                    © apeco filed 8-06-11
Here is another memoriam against wars w Impunity reigning Destruction and chaos awaiting advent of the IMperium… another combination Hiroshima-Day and NSDU-238 sicknesses spreading-into-Decade #3 of yet more military IMPUGNING??
1] there were over 640,000 case of sickness reported by returning military service personnel by 1991 thru 1994 who had succumbed to what the “Veteran’s medical arm” of administration has never “quite” determined—this, an inpuging of immense significance has forecast doom to those who served, around 248,000 so sickened that they no longer can werk, nor function as entity of household heads…view: Beyond Treasona nine-Parts video on ramifications of the aspects of GUlf War impunity by u-S Pentagons, against their own troops?? Feb  thru March 1991 in Iraq, in Kuwait, in Saudi Arabia… by you-Tube licensee noUturn1924 …on Nov 3, 2009 …”What you don't know about your government… Department of Defense documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act expose the horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent.” (viewed six-Times, do so again w me today or August ninth)?

  part-1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNa3kiynQfw&feature=related
  part-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9SoKaA2Dqs&feature=related
  part-8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S6fi89tgpY&feature=related
  part-9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=923wZDp_tUk&feature=related
2] Hiroshima, the 66th memoriam since the deaths of 135,000 civilians, POW’s, Chinese prisoners, North-Korea prisoners, and no military “humanity”? HIROSHIMA, OSAKA, and the PEOPLE OF  “the ISLAND of Okinawa TAKEN-OVER W IMPUNITY by the military-hegemony u-S PentAgons TO MAINTAIN A NUCLEAR ARSENAL IN THE WESTERN-PACIFIC” and as Chalmers Johnson has suffused, imperial-Overstretch (see: The Sorrows of Empire – Chalmers Johnson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgnKZ5UgYS0 ) has been parable to “not apologyzing” to the Nipponese for the impunityof two atomic-weapons and 225,000 civilians eradicated in a matter-of-Moments (tick-Tock)… the IMperium keeps sway by yet more impugning against sovereign nations in YEMEN, in SOMALIA, in LIBYA, where civilians die impoverished, in fear of livelihoods and cultures destroyed, and never loving the excuses set to task covering the uses of NSDU-238… against their peoples?
Remembering that wars-Warring is not peace in democracy shared “global-villageand the

                      luv from the Void, the peace-Warrior,
                              "R" Addison (posted 10:58 am PDT)

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