Infected or sick? Infected or ill?

In Spain  around 80.000 people are infected, or sick, and around 7000  have been cured. Deads are approximately 8000. There is a big gap between the number of ill people (80,000) and the rest.  I don’t understand why these 80.000 (infected/sick/ill) ) citizens have barely presence in the media. In my opinion,  there should  be some kind of  permanent channel and frequent public  updates about their condition in order everyone could get an idea of what is to wait.

Why are they so silent? Why is there so much silence about them?

There is little news about daily life during the illness, (during the  “infection”), and about how long does it take to get cured.

Flues take  about 10 days.

The English Wikipedia says that “as of 30 March 2020, more than 732,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 190 countries and territories, resulting in approximately 34,500 deaths. More than 152,000 people have since recovered”. The first cases happened in December 2019; three months have  past, then, and 600,000 people are still sick. Most of them may be the result of a more or less recent contagion, but perhaps there are also long-term cases. 


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