Information Consumption and Creation

Reading articles is what Znet is mostly used for, despite valiant and ongoing efforts to develop means for active engagement.

Personally, I do spend a fair amount of my limited free time on the computer consuming information from Znet, and another alternative news site.  I trust these two sites to guide me to thought provoking content which also gives a sense of important things going on in the world- something which I don’t have much time to explore myself at this point in my life.

Of course, being a passive consumer as opposed to an active participant is part of the problem.  I’m definitely in the camp of those who are bummed out by the way things are going, but aren’t doing much about it.  There’s a fair amount of understanding about problems, but as the old quip goes, the point is to change things.  However, I’m not sure what effect my blogging on a regular basis would have, especially since I’m not an expert and don’t have much time.  But why not spend at least a little part of the computer time I do have and give it a try? 

I am not on Facebook, and Zspace is my first foray into a social networking site.  My efforts to upload poetry onto my Zspace page did not go so well- perhaps it is me or perhaps it is an issue with the site itself.  Any other poetry lovers out there who’ve successfully worked poetry into their Zspace pages?  On the positive side I have gotten into some interesting correspondence with two other Z Sustainers this year, including one from Baltimore where I live who has a great Zspace page and who may be able to teach me more.  Indeed, there is a lot of potential for Znet’s features to be used for positive political and social projects. 

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