Ingloriuos Bastards

Doubtless, a great film; perhaps even Tarintino’s best since "Jackie Brown". But what one would really like to see is what would be at last an honest film about WWII and the Holocaust. A film that portrays the reality of the war as one of great cowardice rather than great heroism. For in fact what happened was the world stood by in tactful silence as the Nazi’s a murdered almost the entirety of Europe’s Jewish populations, as well as scores of others, such as 750,000 Serb Orthodox in Croatia; that in fact, in so far as the Final Solution was concerned, the Nazi’s succeeded (out of 5 million or so a couple hundred thousand survived; i.e., almost all were killed).

It is hight time we stop smugly congratulating ourselves for what we really did was connive in the greatest mass murder in history.

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