Inter-gender and inter-sex solidarity ?

Three photos from the local university campus — with written remarks about them –

These four blog posts are about those photos  –
Sociological Images – "Defending privilege"
Feministe – "Anti-Feminist Vandalism"
The F-Word – "Real men and rape"
Feministing – "Fun with Feminist Flickr (activism edition)"

There are a lot of comments on those posts.

The posts mainly are about a flyer that initially declared that "Real men do not let men rape" — until that flyer was modified to read "Real men do rape." The Sociological Images post also included a photo of a nearby flyer about how men should respect women, as well as a photo of scraps that were left behind after most of that flyer about respect was torn down.

After the photos were included the blog posts mentioned above, someone posted a string of anonymous anti-feminist comments on the last and the second-last of the photo pages.  I responded to some of their comments… initially.  Then I ended up blocking their account from my Flickr pages (which they can’t comment on from that account).  I also deleted a few of their comments — but not without posting some of what had been in two of them.

Anyway, if anyone out there is inclined to object to how I didn’t take a cyber-libertarian hands-off approach, I ask that you read at least those threads before passing judgement on me.  I think I made a lot of effort to avoid the deleting and banning — which was justifiable in the end though, I think, given the anti-feminist perspective that this person was promoting so persistently.

Some would, instead, conclude that I was too open to what that person was saying; but I don’t think that criticism would be fair though.  It’s not as if I knew what the person was going to write before before they had posted all of it.

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