Intro… & bio

My first blog… I feel all bloggy inside. Actually, I once spent a full six months of unemployment ranting on various forums so regularly it seemed like blogging. Pre-historic blogging I guess.

I mostly inhabited the listener forum at NPR (National Petroleum Radio), where I flamed the hawks and so-called moderates and put forth my own manifestos. I also spent a lot of time at the San Jose Mercury News forum for their series on the CIA and the California crack cocaine connection, before they spiked it. My unemployment (from a computer game company) eventually ran out and I stopped with the blogging; kinda homeless briefly; worked lots of other jobs — a couple writing and editing for small newspapers in Oregon; then helping my partner run her bookstore in Oregon. Came to work at Z during the Iraq invasion in April of last year. Might as well finish bio stuff now, the early years… Grew up in Ohio. Despite eight foot tall poster of Che on my wall as a teen, I joined the Navy in 1982 at 18 years old; worked as an Arabic interpreter on spy planes during Ronnie Raygun’s first WOT (war on terrorism). Was discharged (what a term) and moved to Oregon. Studied video/filmmaking for a couple years; edited entertainment section of college newspaper. First gulf war precipitated an attempt to move back to Europe permanently and renounce citizenship; couldn’t make it happen for long; ended up in a Springsteen song — broke and broken, working nights on an assembly line in rural U.S., getting married for all the wrong reasons… Then the other stuff above. I’m a longtime Z fan (attended first year of ZMI in 1994) and I was ecstatic to land gainful employment here. I now help Lydia and Eric on magazine, and Lydia with videos. I feel guilty that I’ve not contributed any writing (other than input on the editorials, and lotso ad copy), but I’ve felt too busy trying to learn and keep up with the phenomonal amount of stuff that Lydia, Michael, and Eric have somehow been doing for 17 years. Neverthless, I plan to offer some blogs for the near future, hopefully more substnatial stuff down the line. So, hello blog people.

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