IOPS Online Voting

Online Voting

The website for the new International Organisation for a Participatory Society (IOPS) is being built. The organisation seeks to be self-managed so each branch /chapter in the organisation will have a sub-site with features and content under the chapter’s control. One of the features on each chapter page is an online voting system.

The online voting system will complement face to face deliberation where possible to enable chapter members to create proposals, deliberate them and vote in an open, inclusive and transparent way. Decisions passed will be recorded.

I am involved with the design of the IOPS website and I’d like to know any ideas others may have for the voting feature. This is the list of requirements I have so far:

The ability for any chapter member to:

create a new vote
information required:
proposal description/blog (optional)
closing date

invite members to vote
when proposal is created chapter members receive an automatic email message invitation with a link to the vote

discuss the proposal/vote
add a comment
reply to a comment

suggest a modification of the proposal
propose a modification
add another option

cast a vote
change vote before the deadline
each member can only vote once

view vote count
view numeric and graphic display of of votes cast
view which members voted for each option
(do we want to allow anonymous voting?)

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