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I wrote an article for the July-August issue of Z on the Top Lies about Iraq from the Bush administration. I started late and could only fit seven (with explanations) in the space allotted, though there are many more. Here some links I had bookmarked for additional research on Bush lies about Iraq.

Note – This list is not meant to be exhaustive, and is currently sans many source links, as to the Duelfer Report, etc. I plan to update it in the future and, when I can make the time, add another post linking more directly to the points from the article. Feel free to comment with more links, comments, etc.


Lie list web pages 

American Progress – Iraq lies page

bushwatch – misc. lies

Chronological article links – Bush admin lies

Iraq on the Record – House Report (pdf)

NOW – The Truth About George W. Bush – War

Some lie links from 2004 – Iraq

Other articles on lies 

4 Lies 4 Wars – The Free Press

Bush Knew –

Bush Lies & Thrives – AlterNet

David Corn – The Other Lies of George Bush

KnightRidder – 2005 Lies

MoJo – Ackerman – Clinton-Bush Lies

MoJo – OSP The Lie Factory

MoJo – Rhymes With Fire

Nation – Bush’s Lies About Iraq

Powell Admits Lies

Swanson – Powerpoint – Evidence of War Lies

Ten Appalling Lies – Christopher Scheer AlterNet

They Knew… — In These Times

ZNet – Hans – Techniques of Deceit

ZNet – Paul Street – Lie and KILL, Not Lie and DIE

ZNet – Revisionist Historian’s Iraq

ZNet – Safty – Manipulating the Evidence

The Downing Street smoking gun

Downing Street Memo

FAIR on media’s assisting Iraq liars 

FAIR – Iraq Article Index

FAIR – Bush Uranium Lie Is Tip of the Iceberg

FAIR – Defector

FAIR – Iraq Elections

FAIR – Missing Explosives

FAIR – NSA Spied on U.N. Diplomats in Push for Invasion of Iraq

FAIR – Spying in Iraq From Fact to Allegation

FAIR – Statue Toppling Psyops

FAIR – The Imminent Argument

FAIR – They Cannot Tell a Lie

FAIR – War No Matter What

Robert Parry on Iraq & Bush 

ConsortiumNews Iraq article index

Robert Parry Bush Family Lies

Robert Parry on Bush Lies 2

Robert Parry on Bush Lies 3

Robert Parry on Iraq Lies

Miscellaneous articles 

Article on WMD report – AlterNet

Chomsky – Iraq elections

Hersch – Office of Special Plans

Hersh – Iraq Election

Iraq Plans 2001 – The Observer

Ivans – Mobile Weapons Lab

Jamail – Media Lies WTI ViTW

Office of Special Plans – Insider Account

Palast – Secret Oil Plan

zinn – Lessons of Iraq War start with U.S. history The Progressive

Zinn America’s Blinders – The Progressive

ZMag – Herman – Normalizing Godfatherly Aggression

ZNet – Bello – Humanitarian Intervention

ZNet – Chomsky – War Crimes

ZNet – Danner – Secret Way to War

ZNet – Herman – The Election In Iraq

ZNet – Independent – Bush ‘planted fake news stories on American TV’

ZNet – Jamail – Referendum

ZNet – Palast – O.I.L.

ZNet – Porter – Elections

ZNet – Porter – Iraqi Elections

ZNet – Ritter – Duelfer’s Report

ZNet – Turse – We Knew

ZNet -Street – Oil

ZNet Iraq – Danner – Election Day

Miscellaneous sites 

Dahr Jamail’s Iraq dispatches

David Corn – Bush Lies book & blog

Oil and War in Iraq – SourceWatch

PR Watch – Iraq – Center for Media and Democracy

PR Watch – Operation Iraqi Freedom Military and Political Dissent – SourceWatch

Ritter Iraq Confidential book

Weapons of mass deception – SourceWatch

ZNet Iraq Watch


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