Is Seymour Hersh Taking the Bait?

Seymour Hersh is really doing a lot to sound the alarms on our possible intentions to attack Iran, and I wonder if he is taking some form of bait.

This is just a working theory but I am beginning to wonder if the Bush administration really plans to attack Iran or if the drum beating is just an electoral scheme to make "national security" a bigger issue in order to boost McCain’s chances of getting in the White House.

Some are arguing that Iran is in a position to retaliate and block access to the Strait of Hormuz and if they were to do so that would be crippeling for us. This sounds reasonable.

If an attack does NOT occur and the so-called "issues" are not resolved by election time then I would be even more inclined to consider that this fearmongering was an electoral ploy and not reflective of a true desire to take a military strike at Iran.

I really wish more Americans would e-mail President Ahmadinejad to see if he will publicly address whether or not Iran’s peace offer in May 2003, support of the Arab Peace Plan and FISSBAN still stand. A public confirmation of their intention to have normalized and peaceful relations and support for FISSBAN could be very helpful for our domestic social movements.

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