It’s an Honor to be Part of the ‘Loony’ Left in Amerika

As the American political center spirals farther and farther down the road toward barbarism, it truly becomes a greater and greater privilege and an honor, seemingly by the day, to be condescended to as just one of the nonsensical ‘moonbat’ lefties! The ‘lunatic fringe’ in America! In a country where to be ‘centrist’ or the even more laughable name of ‘moderate’ means to identify with extreme militarism, gargantuan military expenditure(s), and a network of military bases that envelop the planet; it’s good be in the company of respected mystic teachers like the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth; instead of mass murdering sociopaths such as Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and his demon offspring (and we shouldn’t leave aside the grand orator Obama who is piling up his share of ‘collateral damage’ since taking over the reigns of this malevolent behemoth)!

A psyop known as the ‘mainstream’ media has actually been what’s been conducted on the American public! And now a great many of them seem to hold the exceedingly bizarre belief that amateurs with box cutters wield far more power than the greatest armed force ever assembled in known human history! Which, of course, on 9/11 (if we are to believe the official Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale) was precisely what was said to have occurred that tragic day! But if we are to believe that shoddily and cheaply crafted fable, isn’t it elementary and commonsensical that you don’t fight fire with a 500 billion dollar military outlay (as is the case in this instance)? You have to get sleeker, more decentralized, more agile, more perceptive, act more like the guerrilla than a conventionally constituted armed military machine! But this seems to be lost on a nation of sheople, who see their tax dollars frittered away on weapons to fight enemies that are non-existent! And the enemies that do exist, and there’s definitely a serious question as to how big a threat terrorism even poses to America, are being fought by trying to fit a square peg into a round cylinder!

So, in my humble opinion, I know I will be presumed a hopeless defeatist who aids and abets Al-Qaeda and all of its known associates and comrades, but peace is just around the corner, my friend! Because once one realizes that ’securing’ a particular nation state, so as terrorism allegedly cannot take hold there, is a useless fiction; it becomes fairly obvious how attainable peace really can be! After all (sorry more moonbat leftyism), I’ve always thought that the ‘War on Terrorism’, if we are to even entertain the existence of such a concept, will be more successful with PR, more fairness towards the Palestinians and trying to force Israel to follow international laws and standards (much easier said than done), having the U.S. back fewer dictators and repressive regimes (particularly the brutal tyranny of Saudi Arabia which funds Wahhabism throughout the Middle East), not just reflexively following the contemptible policy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and in general going after some of the things that bring about and foster terrorism (such as poverty, injustice, inequality, lack of education, and disrespect for human and civil rights), instead of nearly exclusively promoting band-aid type ’solutions’.

Even the uber hawkish Department of ‘Defense’ admits, that the War on Terror will not be dissipated until, “The ideological motivation for the terrorists’ activities has been discredited and no longer has the power to motivate streams of individuals to risk and sacrifice their lives.” And the also uber hawkish Rand Corporation has said, “Most terrorist groups end either because they join the political process, or because local police and intelligence efforts arrest or kill key members. Police and intelligence agencies, rather than the military, should be the tip of the spear against Al-Qaeda in most of the world.” Don’t tell Chairman Mao, but political power exists outside of the means of the barrel of a gun! These ideas and theories are, obviously, only those of a hopelessly pacific moonbat lefty, so surely don’t take them too seriously, my friend; because if we are to believe the images bombarding us via the telescreen, at a minimum, 70-80% of Americana will not take them too seriously as well!

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