Maduro’s Government doesn’t pay Spanish pensioners.

There’s a problem in Spain with Venezuelan pensioners. Guys that have payed for twenty years or so haven’t got any rights under Maduro’s government. The thing affects about eight thousand (8000) people in Spain and 650 persons in Galiza. Here there’s been a sentence by the High Court of  Galiza, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Court_of_Galicia(one for 650 cases) stating the Spanish Social Security System should assume the payments, but I just don’t know if the High Court of Galiza has the power (I think the (Spanish) “Constitutional” technical word for that is “competence”)  to enforce its decision. They might be just intoxicating. An acquaintance of mine has the problem. A “flat chested junkie whore,” who attended Dylan’s concert with me.






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