It’s Been a Sad Day

Its been a sad day due to the news about Howard Zinn. I didn’t know him and he lived to a great age of 87, but it just doesn’t feel right, not fair, why can’t those sharp minds and tireless workers keep going forever, the way the world is we need them, to help us keep focused, angry, inspired, to push us by their example to do even a small fraction of what they have managed to do.
So I think the sadness is from losing such a clear light, such inspiration, that Howard Zinn provided in his writing and speaking that won’t be there anymore to give me a nudge, to stir my sense of justice, to make me realise there’s lots to be done and to try and do it with grace, humility and passion. And I think I feel sad for not having an opportunity to meet him and say thanks, to hear him speak with such passion in person, to connect with it.
So while we have all his great words and thoughts, it doesn’t help on this sad day.

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