Japanese SNS site

I found this link that explains what the Japanese SNS site Mixi is. To me it seems even easier to use that facebook, though that might just be the amount of time I’ve spent on them. I’ve found it a great way to keep in touch with a diverse group of people I’ve met. The goals are somewhat different than Znet, more like a Facebook but the site still might be worth a look. Mixi started out with one coder in 2003, It’s all open source, Fedora Linux, Apache 2.0, Perl 5.8 (mod_proxy, mod_perl), MySQL, memcached, Squid (I don’t know what those last two are. ) They have a 100 MySQL servers and are adding 10 a month. The presentation gets technical with how they split up the MySQL tables horisontally by type (diary and message get the most traffic) instead of vertically by user which would make for too many tables and too much complexity. The presentation even has cute Perl MySQL snippets. (my?)  $dbh = $load->dbh(); and $dbh = $load->dbh( type => "message");  and $dbh = $load->dbh( type => "diary"). This is called level 1 partitioning within mixi. They make the SQL look easy too, for Level 1 anyway. I’m already way beyond where I should be looking at this. It’s been a while since I goofed around with any of this, and I was just goofing around.

   I did  search of the PerlMonks site for Mixi a couple months ago and was surprised not to come up with anything. You would think Mixi would be a big Perl success story.

   I just thought, some day Zspace will be growing so fast the mixi solutions might be interesting for the developers…. Or user might see features they’d like to request…

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