Jeju Islanders fight for their lives

"I have been working for 30 years as a movie critic. Through movies I saw the world. Through movies I realized the truth… When you realize that, what will you do? What will you do when you find the truth?"
"I want to keep the beauty of nature within my body. That thought engulfs me."
-Yang Yoon-Mo


Yang Yoon-Mo, a well-known movie critic and resident of Gangjeong village, South Korea, is on a hunger strike, now in its eight week. Along with other inhabitants of Jeju island, he was jailed for crawling under a construction truck and trying to block the destruction of the Island by the US and South Korean Navies.

Our friend Bruce Gagnon has joined him and his supporters "in solidarity with all life forms in and around Gangjeong village on Jeju Island" who are fighting for their self-preservation. Bruce lives in Maine near Bath Iron Works and has been valiantly protesting and leafleting outside BIW each day trying to help these residents of Gangjeong. Below is part of his recent post appealing to us for help. 
As I write, Yang's June 1st trial (Korea time) may have already started. Please join me in calling and writing to the South Korean Embassy and the UN office for South Korea as Bruce indicates here:
The South Korean peace group Solidarity for Peace & Reunification of Korea (SPARK), a Global Network affiliate, reports that over the weekend hundreds of people gathered in Gangjeong village for protests. In a news conference SPARK leaders told of the growing international solidarity efforts and fasts that are now happening…
So if you have not yet written or called to show support for the villagers on Jeju Island now is the time to do it. Please don't wait. If you live outside the U.S. please call the South Korean embassy in your country and get others to do it as well.
If you live in the U.S. please call the South Korean office at the United Nations – 212-439-4000. Also write to the South Korean embassy in Washington DC using this email

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