Just Trying to Get It

Front page of the Guardian Review

I’m trying to get it:
a US president who waged war against 7 Muslim countries; droned, murdered and terrorized thousands of civilians in some of the poorest countries on earth; just by the way got rid of habeas corpus; spent a trillion dollars on “modernizing” the US military and its nuclear programme; surpassed Orwell’s nightmare of a surveillance state —
he’s OK, because the largest organ of his body, his skin, happens to be of a darker hue than that of many other US citizens.
OK, I’m just trying to follow this…
So, a failed presidential candidate who supported the invasion of a Iraq by a right wing cabal in the White House that killed over a million Iraqi civilans, destroyed that country and led to the rise of a head-chopping sect that took over large parts of the middle east; connived at sending weapons including chemical weapons to that same bunch of psychopaths later operating in Syria, via Libya – a country she also helped to destroy, later gloating publicly over the unspeakably perverted murder of its head of state —
she’s OK too, for the simple and very obvious reason that she doesn’t have a penis.
I’ve been trying hard and I think I’ve finally goddit! I think so anyway. It’s really hard to keep up with the forward pace of progressive politics these days. In the nineteenth century they used to believe that not having white skin or a penis meant you could do nothing right. Now it means you can commit any crime you like or be a serial killer and you’re fine. One way or the other it’s the skin; the skin is the clue to human and political enlightenment.
Now that I’ve got it I hope to be accepted as a fully-qualified anti-racist and feminist. The future is ours!
(The Guardian is on our side too).

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