Kazuyoshi Saito Song ReMake

I got the lyrics from this site, asyura2.com,  which will also probably be good about keeping the links updated as the video is deleted from ustream and youtube.

It was always a lie


If you walk this country there are 54 nuke reactors

The textbooks and commercials all said they were safe


The trick us with the excuse "Unforeseen"

The sky we remember  tickles with black rain


It was always a lie, and now we know

It was really a lie – nukes are safe

it was a fuckin' lie and now we can't eat spinach

It was really  a lie, now you notice with this mess

Radiation on the wind can't be stopped

How many people need to be irradiated before this country's government notices


You want to leave this town and find good water?

Tell us now, how already there's nowhere to run


It was all shit, Tokyo Power,  Hoku Power, Chubu Power  and Kyushu Power you weren't all just dreaming

It was all shit, and you still want to go on

It was really shit, and I feel I want to do something


It was always a lie, it was really shit.

Here's an older approach to nukes at a rock concert. Kiyoshiro puts some meaning into Summertime Blues and Love Me Tender.


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