Leftwing Governments of Latin America Respond to Trump’s Attack on the Syrian Army

Most Translations by Lucas Koerner


Vice-President Rosario Murrillo: “The only path for Syria and other countries encumbered by war – in order to avoid more suffering and continuing humanitarian catastrophe ­– is dialogue and the seeking of agreements. We demand the peaceful solution of conflicts, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.”


“In relation to the attack undertaken by the United States against the Shayrat military base, in the Arab Republic of Syria, the Ecuadorian government roundly rejects any unilateral aggressive measure that entails a violation of state sovereignty and disregard for international legality.

“The Ecuadorian government reiterates its firm commitment to dialogue and strict respect for the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and International Law, and advocates a political solution to the conflict in Syria that puts an end to the suffering faced by the Syrian people over the last six years,”

“On the other hand, and in relation to the inhuman attack perpetrated against the civilian population of the city of Khan Shaykun, in the zone of Iblib, in which chemical weapons were allegedly used, the Ecuadorian government reiterates its firm condemnation of the use of [chemical weapons] in any situation, under any circumstances, and by any actor. As such, the Ecuadorian government calls for realizing an independent investigation to determine responsibility for these acts,” the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said in an official communiqué.


“Bolivarian Venezuela will never remain silent in the face of injustice, war, and death” declared President Nicolas Maduro on April 7th.

“We will always raise our voice to say enough with war, bombardments, and blood.”

“This illegal attack violated international law as well as the procedures of the United Nations Security Council.”

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“Now the United States believe that they are investigators, they are attorneys, judges and they are the executioners. That’s not what international law is about.”

“I believe it’s vital for us to remember what history teaches us and on this occasion (in 2003), the United States did affirm, they affirmed that they had all the proof necessary to show that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but they were never found … never were they found,”

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El Salvador

The Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front expresses “Its condemnation in the face of this aggression against the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, which constitutes a violation of the most basic rules of international law, emphasizing in this sense, that the attack was carried out without the UN even being consulted.

“This aggression constitutes a violation of the territorial integrity of the nation of Syria as well as an unspeakable US provocation against a legitimate government that has resisted terrorist attacks in exemplary fashion.

“We also denounce the utilization of a crude excuse, without any proof whatsoever, that the [Syrian] government is responsible for the alleged attack with toxic gas against the Syrian population. Everything seems to indicate that this is a desperate action by those terrorist forces that the Syrian government has put on the retreat. Let us recall also that in 2013 the Syrian government turned over its chemical weapon arsenal to the UN.

“We call on international organizations and the peoples of the world to express their condemnation of this type of unjustified unilateral aggressions at the same time that we vote for the progressive resolution of the Syrian conflict by way of dialogue with the support of the international community.”

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