Letter to Attorney General of Australia

Dear "Sir",

You say Wikileaks’ “large scale distribution of hundreds of thousands of classified United States Government documents is reckless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous.”
Might I say your threat to withdraw Mr Assange’s passport was also reckless and irresponsible and jeapordises the proper process of justice and law which your office is supposed to uphold.
Many, myself included, would argue the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan (which history should judge as crimes against humanity) in which the Australian government is willing partner are actions reckless, irresponsible, dangerous and reprehensible.  These actions have only served to increase the threat of terror in our world as was predicted by many analysts.
Wikileaks has managed to bring some light to the serious abuses of state power ubiquitous in our times—abuses which need to be revealed as part of proper openness and transparency (which you say you support) that are essential to proper functioning democracy which Western societies supposedly value. 
From my point of view and many other Australians, all power to Wikileaks as they bring to the masses information which has been severely underreported by commercial and state media and indeed (it appears) suppressed by government.
As a society and government which upholds the values and practice of democracy, freedom of speech, justice and the rule of law, Julian Assange deserves our support and (at the very least) the proper consular and diplomatic support entitled to all Australians.
Karun Cowper

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