letter to Seattle City Council and Mayor

Honorable Greg Nickels, Mayor of the City of Seattle

Members of the City of Seattle Council

I am writing to ask you to support Resolution 31138 requesting DPD to submit updated tree legislation that will increase protection for existing trees and promote the planting of additional trees on public and private property. Don’t weaken the legislation.

People and trees are part of a dynamic and healthy ecosystem, but in Seattle in recent years we’ve destroyed tree habitat without renewing it. Aside from their economic value in real estate resulting from their aesthetic qualities, a worthy goal, trees provide atmospheric and weather balance, habitat for many creatures and improved soil. These qualities provide flood control and mitigation of the extremes of weather. Trees also provide air quality improvement.

Furthermore I support the creation of an effective Urban Forestry Commission. I urge you to add neighborhood representation and retain the urban planner, hydrologist and three arborists on the Commission.  Don’t politicize the Commission but keep it focused on recommending sound science and sustainability.

to sign the petition, today, because the meeting is tonight!


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