Link To The Old Site, UYA, etc

Hi everbody!

I’ve just recently found this site, fell in love at first sight, and decided to become a sustainer and move my blog over here. Knowing that, I’ll be reposting all my old material from the old blog shortly. However, if you want to view it in it’s original form, I’ll continue posting stuff on both blogs for the forseeable future. The link is http://projectforanewhumancentury.blogspot.com/

I’ve also started a movement that I hope will gain some measure of success. It’s intended to eventually be a largely self-sponsored, self-governed Youth advocacy lobby in the rough mold of the other lobbies that are currently screwing our country up for their own benefit. So, we’ll get the Youth organized, inspiring them to care about politics and carry on the fight against the system started so long ago, while simultaneously start to bring down the corporate hegemony over our political system. It’ll also hopefully be the first of many larger organizations, which will do the same thing for consumers across the country. It’s a way for the common man to get back into politics in this country. Or, depending on how you want to look at it, get into it for the first time. Anywho, the link is here:


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