Links of the Week, 9 Feb 09


a) New evidence comes to light that the Bush Administration illegally monitored domestic communications of American journalists, fascist-style. From NPR’s On the Media.

b) Former US Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson reportedly lied about the bailout; In advance of the global economic summit in London in April, where the structure of a future global economy will be in the balance, France’s Sarkozy and Germany’s Merkel had a party questioning the morality of capitalism in its current form but, alas, they got a lot of no-shows from other world leaders.

c) Rush Limbaugh, whom many are calling the de facto leader of the Republican Party, is less popular than Jeremiah Wright; Billboard advertising that watches you and analyzes your features; Limits on internet speed are being normalized, with fees, by US telecommunications corporations, angering net neutrality advocates.

d) Neuroscientists crack mind-reading, with massive implications. Watch the recent CBS  60 Minutes report here.

e) The infamous US prison at Guatanamo Bay is closing, but Bagram, which may be worse, is expanding.

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