Little by Little We Get Things Done

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Work in progress. . .

I have been reading Vandana Shiva, Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan, and Ran Prieur. With the reading came the thinking. With the thinking came the. . .action?

So I’m not trying to equate this blog post with action, but I am trying to get some thoughts together. I have decided that I need to work on "divorcing" myself from the dominant way of living. Here are some of my thoughts:

Continue working with victims of risk. While the term "at-risk" is often used, I prefer the former. At-risk often blames the individuals themselves; and while there are surely cases where the individual is to blame, the truth is often much, much deeper. We must question, challenge, and re-create the totality.

Organize skill shares. A skill share is exactly that. Classes, workshops, demonstrations that share and teach various skills. The Albany Skill Share offers a great example.

Build a communal garden. Not community, but communal. Currently there are seven people (including myself) that will be working on my garden plot. What a great way to share skills, stories, and food!

Kaw Valley Mushroom Project. The mushroom project will not only provide people with mushroom logs, it will also work to complete the cycle by planting native oak trees. We’ll provide the logs, plugs and saplings. People will join us on designated workdays to plug their logs. They will leave with a shitake log,a sapling, and informative literature. Not to mention a new found skill! Hopefully they will show others how to do it as well. Pay it forward if you will.

Start a zine/journal. ALLiance a journal of theory and action is set to be released on 12/12, quarterly thereafter. This will supplement my regular writing for Black Oak Presents and weekly (Friday) contributions to Strike The Root.

Direct, community action is the easiest way to liberate ourselves from the dominant society. I don’t claim that any of these actions will bring forth a radical paradigm shift, but I believe they will help move things is a better direction.

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