Market Faith

As the fanaticism becomes more flagrant and as the divorce between image an reality becomes greater one wonders if there won’t be a crisis of faith (among the public) not unlike the breakdown of religions faith in Europe during the Enlightenment.

For example, the stern opposition by much of the business community, those that do not have a vested interest in insurance companies, to universal medical insurance seems only explicable as the result of a strategy to protect capitalist ideology. I.e., tolerating universal insurance implies that the capitalist way is not necessarily the best way let alone the only way.

Therefore, it may be the case that the business class collectively (there are some dissenters, like the auto industry) are willing to incur the higher operating costs and great risk of worker revolt in order to prevent market ideology from inadvertently being debunked.

Of course, market ideolgy starts to loose it’s efficacy new ideologies will be created, and if well concieved may take many years or longer to be outed. Therefore this may not be good news entirely.

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