Mass Murderer at the Waldorf

The New York Historical Society hosed its History Makers Gala honoring Henry Kissinger at the Waldorf on Monday night.


About one-hundred people lined the sidewalks outside of the Waldorf on Park Avenue and 50th Street as attendees continued to trickle in, giving themselves away in getup so extravagant one protesting woman announced, "You should be ashamed of yourselves. And your outfits."


Shouts of "$50,000 gets you a seat with a murderer!" And "Kissinger! Murderer!" Two or three NYPD officers stood amongst the crowd, looking bored.


One gentlemen took the protesting cake with a series of announcements including, "Live from New York, it's a genocidal murderer!" and, "Lock up your daughters! Lock up your wives! Mass murderer at the Waldorf tonight!"


Sponsors of the protest included Brooklyn For Peace, CodePink, NYC War Resisters League, and World Can't Wait.


Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

In May of 2010 a group of Irish citizens attempted to have Kissinger arrested at a Trilateral conference. 

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