More about the connection “seats”/“votes”, this time at the Spanish Congress…

Something about  the connection among “seats” and “votes” at the Spanish Congress.

Scroll to “results” and look at the distribution of seats, in relation to the votes at the Spanish general election held in 2015:


Unless the data in the English Wikipedia are wrong, which rarely happens, the results are even more frightening:

x The Popular Party has 7,236,965 votes (28.71% of the total) and 123 seats. Each seat costs for the Popular Party 57. 965 VOTES.

x The Spanish Socialists Party has 5 545. 315 votes (22% of the total, 6 percentage points of difference, slightly more than 1,200,000 fewer votes) and 90 seats (33 fewer SEATS than the POPULAR PARTY). Each SEAT costs the Spanish Socialists Party 64. 045 VOTES.

x We Can – In Common – Commitment – En Masse (A Coalition leaded by Pablo Iglesias) has 5. 212. 711 votes (20%, some 300,000 votes less than the Socialists) and 69 seats. Each SEAT costs them 75.546 VOTES.


CITIZENS, those who like my wife, who is a “fan” of Arcadi Espada, 3. 514. 528 votes, 13% and only FORTY seats, (40), https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcadi_Espada . Each SEAT costs CITIZENS 87. 863 VOTES.

The husband, or whatever, of Martha, or whatever, of the “Ler” (the Galician word for “Reading”) bookstore chain in the https://www.lerlibrerias.com area, a guy who seems quite an expert, says that everything is possible, CITIZENS with 3,500,000 votes and just forty, (40) seats, too, thanks to the so-called “single electoral district,” something invented by Fraga, the Socialists, we agreed that  former socialist prisoner in Francoist prisons, Enrique Mugica was in it, involved, too. There is a page that this guy referred me to me about the “single electoral district,” an inheritance, in his opinion, of the regime of 1978, “políticae” or something, that I can’t find.

I’m thinking about  filing a complaint at the European Commission.

On this site, for instance … Even travelling there.

https://ec.europa.eu/commission/index_en , may be at the Department for “Democratic Change,”https://ec.europa.eu/commission/priorities/democratic-change_en

Can you tell me how to contact here, “señor”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gQj0A32wmc

Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
There’s a good explanation of the song by Christopher Rollason: “Bob Dylan’s “Señor”: a wasteland with no easy answers,” here: http://www.dgdclynx.plus.com/lynx/lynx27.html
The connection among “SEATS” and “VOTES” in the Spanish General Elections held in 2016 also seem somewhat chaotic:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Spanish_general_election

Each seat at the Spanish Congress costs:

*57.965 votes for the People’s Party (PP)

*64.045 votes for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE)

*71.655 votes for United We Can (Unidos Podemos).


*98.174 votes for Citizens – Party of the Citizenry (C’s)in fact, Citizens – Party of the Citizenry (C’s) with 3. 141. 570 votes (13%) achieves 32 SEATS at the Spanish Congress, while UNITED WE CAN (PODEMOS, IU, EQUO) with 3. 227. 123 votes (13.42%) gets forty-five (45) SEATS.

In a worse condition I find BASQUE COUNTRY UNITE (EH BILDU), with 184.713 votes (0.77%) and just two SEATS at the Spanish Congress, each one valued in 92.356 votes; and ALSO, SPECIALLY, the ANIMALIST PARTY AGAINST MISTREATMENTS OF ANIMALS, that ACHIEVED 184.713 votes (roughly three times the votes of the CANARIAN Coalition – Canarian Nationalist Party (CCa-PNC, with 78.253 votes and 1 SEAT at the Spanish Congress) but hasn’t got any SEAT at the SPANISH CONGRESS: https://pacma.es







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