More Members! Better Organising!


This message is NOT for armchair revolutionaries!  Rather it is for those who are serious about organising for a participatory society – I assume that means all members of IOPS.  We all want to create a new global social system.  We all have quite a good idea of what that system would look like and how it would function.  We also understand that our organisation today needs to be informed by our vision of this future society.  What this means is that when we create a new chapter of the IOPS we are actually creating the institutions of our new society in embryonic form.  In short, local, regional and National chapters are seeds of our new global social system. 

Initiating and / or becoming a founder member of one of these new institutions is a very exciting and important first step in organising for a new global society.  However, if IOPS members don’t take this first step then our international organisation will never get off the ground.  We need IOPS members to 1) take the initiative and establish chapters where they live and 2) seek out members within their chapter area and ask / encourage them to join.

The new facilities on ZGroups makes these two basic organising tasks easier than ever.  Let’s take advantage of these new facilities and build a vibrant international organisation!  This groundwork will allow us to consider organising international gatherings, global campaigns as well as coordinate really significant solidarity with other worthy efforts like those taking place in Venezuela. 

Presumably this is what all IOPS members want.  However, maybe there are obstacles to taking these initial steps that other members are not aware of.  If so, it might be worth highlighting these obstacles – or other concerns – on the IOPS forum.  This way all members can see what is holding us back and therefore offer help.

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