My Thoughts on the Anthrax Scare

My Thoughts on the Anthrax Scare

So Steven Hatfill has pretty much been exonerated for the anthrax attacks several years ago.

Not only that, he won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against our government over their investigation of him as a suspect.

Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, Noam Chomsky noted that when we originally suspected someone or some group from the Middle East was responsible we were already talking about military action. As soon as it was discovered to be domestic then the Justice League of America kicked in. There were no calls to obliterate Michigan or Texas.

Similarly, when the anthrax letters were thought to have originated from the Middle East, talk about retaliating were growing louder and then all of a sudden the issue "disappeared" like a peasant in a dirty war (sponsored by Uncle Sam, of course).

It is no coincidence that the story was buried as soon as it was found that the anthrax spores came from a US Army lab.

Not only was our sense of justice towards ourselves radically less violent than the justice and liberation we impose on foreigners but our suspects can even successfully sue us for millions of dollars while Gitmo detainees would be lucky to have access to the Geneva Conventions, regardless of what our courts say.

Knowing the things that were uncovered following the Watergate scandal and knowing this government, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised that the anthrax letters were a domestic policy, an exceedingly aggressive propaganda campaign.

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