Neanderthal Zombies in Amerika Inc.



Dale Johnson, Sept. 2011.  troporg@racsa.co.cr

Human evolution took a wrong turn.

The Neanderthals are back!

They call themselves Republicans,

But they are Zombies,

Risen from the grave of history

Now chasing Homo Sapiens

With their big sticks

Clubbing every social advance of human kind,

Torturing and killing non-white peoples in distant lands

Jailing and deporting those considered aliens in their heartland.


The Zombie Machos party with tea spiced with Texas bourbon,

Cooled with Alaska ice and served by a stylish Haus Frau.

Through their control of yellow journalism

They force those with residues of tolerance and humanity

To swallow the piss and bile of once defeated anachronisms.


The Zombies, bankrolled by their friends in corporate board rooms

Prepare to remove the Nation´s heart

And replace it with a Made-in-China machine.

They coerce and blackmail the reasonable yet complaint politicians

To appoint the plutocrats and murderous Generals to controlling government bureaucracies

And to follow their dictates to roll back social progress.

The bankers succeed in reversing the American Dream,

Immiserating the masses.

Big Money inspires economic suicide

While Fox News glorifies the perverse

And CNN presents Big Lies as balanced journalism,

Most all the media offering Pentagon programmed militarism

To torture reason, degrade the noble, imprison the valiant

And strain to devour what remains of civilization.


The Zombies, their mental substance mummified,

Have no human sensibility

But yes one modern vice in gross excess, Greed.

Greed requires obfuscation to dress it up,

Inspires viciousness and requires forceful pursuit.

Greed, obfuscation, and force infuse the mentality of the Rich and Powerful

Everywhere the stirrings of the Many frighten the Few

Everywhere the social gains of people´s struggles are vulnerable.

The social pathologies fostered

Infect the consciousness of the petty-privileged–

The tea toasters partying the death of decency,

The white-skinned Machos reviving the vileness of racism,

The Homophiles bashing gays,

The Xenophobic waving flags, spreading fear, spouting hate and torturing victims,

Those so morally confused that they believe that a fertilized egg is sacred life

But celebrate killing a million people in Holy Oil Wars,

Those who thump the Bible and make doublethink of the term Christian.


The germ of these social pathologies?

The substance of work and life that the Few appropriate from the Many

And yields the power that corrupts absolutely.

Exploitation denies justice, buys social privilege, incites reaction, requires oppression

And eventually impels rebellion.

The pathologies are embedded in a panoply of institutional forms that facilitate thievery,

Oppress and suppress the victims.

With televised lies, printed distortions, and subliminal messages of the culture of domination

The social pathologies feed on subverted consciousness and obliterated humanity.


We are witnessing the death agony of a system that has lived out its time.

The Neanderthal Zombies espousing the latest fashions of fascism need be buried

In the grave of history to be mummified for eternity.

Not by driving a golden stake through their cold hearts,

Violence is their way not ours,

But by reasoned decency, the reclaiming of the notions of the common good,

Social justice and human progress,

Taking energetically and massively to the streets that lead to a better world.


Actung Herr Comander-in-Chief Georg Werner von Bush

You are going up for War Crimes.

Pentagon Brass pursuing empire with deadly force,

Contractors manufacturing instruments of death,

CIA chiefs rendering torture,

Lawyers subverting the rule of law—

Zombies all, guilty of Crimes against Humanity.


Listen up plutocrats the flood of bailouts and bonuses will drown you.


Hear this Hypocrite-in-Chief Obama

The age of false promise and dirty deeds are numbered.

We don’t want politicians who prostrate themselves

Toward the Mecca of Wall Street,

Pray to the Idols of War,

And coddle aid and abet the Zombies.


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