new licensing giudelines

 The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) have just recently added to 100 from 30 the number of broadcasts (24 hours) a community radio station can apply for.

This is still a temporary licence, which facilitates a much deeper development process.  Where it may have been okay to hobble along with a 30 day licence, if you go for the 100 days then you are putting all the volunteers under much greater pressure.

the licensing process can hopefully be tackled in tandem with the funding process, each working side by side with common purpose, hopefully concluding successfully at about the same time, facilitating a smooth lead in time.

This can make the entire process that bit more predictable and plannable.

It also places an onus on volunteers to step up to the mark and commit their time and energy in enough quantities to ensure the ongoing broadcasting of material every week, theoretically in perpetuity.

After a few temporary licences a community radio station can apply for a full-time community broadcasting licence which would permit 24/7 broadcasting.

There is also a get together in Galway in a few weeks with CRAOL, the forum for community radio in Ireland.

They have been most helpful throughout the last year and are a continual source of support.

Also they make representations to the authorities with regard to community broadcasting.

I would be keen to hear other peoples’ views, opinions, experiences, suggestions.  Please feel free to comment on any of this groups postings and perhaps even join the group.   

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