New site – html links

It’d be great if all html links we add which direct us outside znet content open in a new tab rather than direct users away from Z. This would keep users "rooted" to the Z environment. Alternatively we could add a tick box "open in a new tab" option (being ticked by default) when entering links in the child menu or content boxes.

Another option probably difficult would be for the "outside"webpage to open under the z environment maybe with just the top tab menu (and its extension being left) on top of the screen, the rest of the screen being filled with the "outside" webpage content. A bit like google when you search for images and select one: you see teh picture on top and below the website. Instead with z , you’d keep the z menu on top and the "outside" webpage below. google example.

Can anyone help with this? i have no IT background at all so I hand this to whoever can make this happens.

Anyway, latest development are amazing I think. Well done Michael, Chris and anybody else who’s helping making it happen.

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