New York Indymedia videographer slain in Mexico

I thought I was going to blog about Death of a President, a faux documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush — which I saw tonight, which is set in Chicago, which boasts video footage of protesters I know personally, and with footage recorded by videographers I now work with. (If you want to see the movie, and if you’re not available near a theater which is showing the film, you can see it here.) I also thought I might blog about the World Series, which just ended as I type this. I’m hesitant to talk to my sister, who lives in Michigan, and is at a bar to watch the game, and a good thing too since she’ll need the booze to drown her disappointment. But, even though I’m from Michigan myself and am a died-in-the-wool Michigan sports fan, the Tigers’ series loss seems merely like the game it is in the wake of news I heard once I left the movie theater tonight. The breaking development from this afternoon is that Brad Will, a videographer with New York Indymedia was shot and killed by paramilitary police in covering the current uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. I had to explain the background regarding Oaxaca to my family, who like much of the rest of America knew nothing of the situation. It doesn’t get mentioned in the corporate media, so it doesn’t exist and who cares, right? That’s apt to change quickly, I suspect. ZNet has been all over the situation in Oaxaca, of course. To get background on the situation in Oaxaca, read this and this and this. I suspect I’m not going to sleep anytime soon.

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