News Presentations

I was talking with some Japanese people involved in producing a local news program. They mentioned reading a Japanese write up of international news. The most impressive entry at the time was that the US federal system might split up, maybe Hawaii would come over to Japan. (Of course it was an ‘extreme theory’ (KyokuRon))

I was thinking it might be a worthwhile project to put together a list of the most crucial Z offering points for introduction to Japanese audiences. I’d especially like to do the recent Tom Dispatch article on worldwide droughts. It seems particularly important for Japan’s food security as it imports 70% or more of it’s food. I hope no one takes the Sony head seriously anymore, now that all the big corporations are firing everyone, their stance that ‘We don’t have to grow food, we can just export manufactured goods and buy agricultural products’ doesn’t have much weight. You would think.

Would anyone be interested in trying to boil down some key points each week, consult with native(speaker)s and put out some legible Japanese? It might even be fun to imitate the English language newspapers’s tacky key word, learning English sections but with real substance. Who know it might even be a hit. I lost track of the sites that used current events to teach English. Its been a while since this idea came to mind.

It would be cool to even try putting the key words and concepts into a simple text,   open source presentation to share.

Of Course with more time it would be nice to go the other way too, key Japanese news events and key words into English. Like nuclear reprocessing facitilites losing 134 liters of highly radioactive material in Rokkasho Mura. And the Temp workers trials….

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