Nicaragua’s Real GDP per Capita since 1980

By 2008 Nicaragua’s real GDP per capita had grown to 23,087 Cordoba’s according to the IMF.

The IMF doesn’t list a real GDP per capita value for 1980, the year after US-back dictator was overthrown, because it oddly doesn’t have population figures. However if we take the World Bank’s population figure for Nicaragua in 1980 (3.3 million) and use the IMF’s value for real GDP in 1980 (79.191 billion Cordobas) we can calculate a value of real GDP per capita in 1980 that is comparable to the one from 2008.

The value we get for 1980 is 23,997 Cordobas.

So by about 2008 you could say Nicaragua recovered the value of real GDP it had in 1980. 

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