Achcar said, in his article Libya: a legitimate and necessary debate from an anti-imperialist perspective, "One can safely bet that the present intervention in Libya will prove most embarrassing for imperialist powers in the future. As those members of the US establishment who opposed their country's intervention rightly warned, the next time Israel's air force bombs one of its neighbors, whether Gaza or Lebanon, people will demand a no-fly zone. I, for one, definitely will. Pickets should be organized at the UN in New York demanding it. We should all be prepared to do so, with now a powerful argument."
Well, Achcar, and all those who applaud him: shouldn't you start a picket right now?
Or is this what you call over-the-top naivety.
I ask this for many reasons. I count five!

The UN-offices aren't the place to protest. The White House would be the appropriate place! Or Capitol Hill!

Oh yes, these members of US establishment, learning by other man's mistakes – not fooled by their own – really are afraid for people demanding something!? My gosh …
Obama will certainly listen to the voice of the people when it comes to his reelection. And I am pretty sure, that if he thinks his people will not make any problems of murdering Palestinians, or Israel thinks it the right moment just before the renewed inauguration of Obama for a new assault on Gaza, then what we probably will see, instead of embarrassed imperialist powers, instead of a picket, is a dinner at Jerusalem.

Let's suppose the no-fly-zone will be imposed on Israel by the UNSC, and Israel doesn't listen (when did it actually, for the first time?) and China and Russia will enforce that no-fly-zone (because USA did abstain from voting) then we have a World War III. Who will go out for a picket with that result?

We have actually a no-fly-zone there, don't we? Better said: a no-move-zone. The Palestine people are still not able to move to recuperate, to pull itself together. Not only that, but everyone who wants to make a move to mitigate the burden of the Palestinian people is stopped, on pain of death or incrimination.

There is another area where should be a no-move-zone.
Israel has recently launched a campaign urging UN to retract the Goldstone report. And Goldstone has already said that he regrets some harsh accusations at the address of Israel.
You know, the Goldstone report that no one mentions without starting first, and before everything else, by stating that Palestine was guilty, to continue that also Israel …

Therefore …
… to Achcar, and all his supporters: please, make the dreams of the US-establishment come true – there are some reasons to start right now with organizing a picket! 

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