Note to Sharmine Narwani re Amnesty official bad-mouthing Mother Agnes on Twitter

  • An Amnesty official had supplied a question to Mother Agnes which Narwani relayed to her in this piece "Mother Agnes Mariam: In her own words

    The question this Amnesty official asked was "What does she think should happen to those in command positions in the regime who have committed or commissioned war crimes and crimes against humanity?" 

    The Amnesty official was dissatisfied with Mother Agnes' answer and debated Narwani about it on Twitter. 

    My email to Narwani follows. it was copied to amnestyis@amnesty.org & various other people.

    Hi Sharmine 

    I notice that Amnesty Official, Krstyan Benedict, was trash talking Mother Agnes to you on Twitter. 

    For example, Benedict tweeted 

    kristyan benedict ‏@KreaseChan 30 Nov 
    @snarwani Her answer is mainly devoted to the opp. Question was clear. If she wasn't a regime apologist she wouldn't need to deflect so much

    If you don't want to be bothered with this fellow just ask him why Amnesty has refused to designate Chelsea Manning a Prisoner of Conscience. That should make him disappear. People like me who have asked Amnesty have been either ignored (the vast majority of the time) or provided with laughable rationalizations. 

    If Amnesty were not thoroughly penetrated by "Obama regime" apologists, Manning would have been designated a POC a few YEARS ago. 

    Too many on the Left have indulged Amnesty's gross hypocrisy. About time that ended. 

    Joe Emersberger 

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