NPR’s John Otis Lies about Venezuela

John Otis tells NPR’s audience

“In 2002, Chavez was briefly ousted in a military-backed uprising that he claimed — without proof — was supported by the United States.”

That is quite a whopper even by the abysmal standards of the US media.

The US government publicly supported the 2002 coup in Venezuela. Bush Administration spokesmen Ari Fleischer and  Philip T. Reeker both said that “Chavez resigned” and that a “transitional civilian government has been installed.” They regurgitated the opposition’s version of events and added that they welcomed “early elections”.

Imagine Venezuela reacting that way if Obama’s government was overthrown – not by calling for Obama’s reinstatement, but by parroting the lies of the coup perpetrators and making it obvious that Venezuela welcomed Obama’s ouster. What kind idiot, or liar, would say there was “no proof” that Venezuela “supported the coup”?

As Eva Golinger points out here, US government documents show that the CIA was briefing US officials that a coup was imminent and that it had detailed knowledge of the strategy that would be used. The documents also show that the US continued funding various groups who were involved in the coup after it was defeated.

As noted here by Mark Weisbrot, the U.S. State Department’s Office of Inspector General stated that

“It is clear that NED [the National Endowment for Democracy], Department of Defense (DOD), and other U.S. assistance programs provided training, institution building, and other support to individuals and organizations understood to be actively involved in the brief ouster of the Chavez government.”

If the US had that much evidence of Venezuela’s involvement with a coup in the USA, not even just “support” for  it, ,,,,Well just consider the countries the USA has bombed all over the world.


Here is a video of a Washington Post reporter, Scott Wilson, acknowledging US “involvement” – not just “support” – for the 2002 coup. NPR is so dishonest it cannot even acknowledge the very public “support” the US gave the coup.

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