O love, (that dare not speak its name)

Of all the words the our leaders spew

One word you’ll rarely hear; it’s true

Meaning cloaked, hidden, garbed,

‘Humanitarian’, Aid’, ‘Help’; barbed

And wrapped in prickly wire

Blood-soaked lies with which they aspire

To warp all dialogue to the goal

Of endless profit, endless control.

You know the word, it’s our addiction,

For others it’s a rape conviction,

Rape of the earth, each crazed pollution

Presented as a new solution,

No matter how the bodies stack

Of spineless voices there’s no lack,

Back-pocket pundits bought and sold

To serve the masters of black gold.

These masters know no limitation,

No border halts their inclination

To bomb and blast all real dissent,

History itself is torn and rent

Then twisted to false imitation

Of progress.

Progressive aims lie crushed beneath

Their weaponry, armed to the teeth,

Arming friend and foe nearly alike,

Inventing enemies, they strike

Destroying enemy and ‘friend’, no matter

Tame scribes turn corpses into chatter;

Who counts when they are merely rags

Just stuff them into body bags.

With startling pace their doublespeak

Cynically compounds the havoc wreaked,

Faint allies might turn medieval,

Those guns we sold are killing people!

Inquires, Ceasefires, Peace Talks Soon,

Their Peace Envoy a blood-soaked goon,

The ‘media’ shakes it’s empty head

Repeats the lies that we’re all fed.

Corporate elites with obscured faces

Rule our lives with slick embraces

100 million, a Texas block,

The CEO gets that in stock

Each year, to savour, away from spills,

Our fragile world must pay the bills

Gas promenades it’s domination

In every field contamination

The word just oozes from a cracked shell,

Stamped with a chevron made in hell,

Our occidental lives protected

From the stench of this total racket,

They’re mobilised, we’re barely moving,

Those others die, we just keep cruising,

We burn it all, this globe must boil,

The prize we keep on grabbing, oil.

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